LEDs represent the future of outdoor lighting because they last for years and consume very little energy. With a durable, exterior-grade encapsulation, they can be installed, turned-on and left alone, maintenance-free for years.

SolEpoxy offers the most durable outdoor-use LED encapsulation material.

Optically clear molding compound contains ...

Optically clear molding compound provides the most durable encapsulation of high-intensity LEDs. It's because SolEpoxy's Opto Molding Compound contains no aromatic compounds. This enables long life clarity of high-brightness LEDs. Colored LEDs also remain stable due to less yellowing.

LEDs offer superior value because they are efficient and ...

With the increased use of LEDs and optical sensors in surface mount applications, there is a need for optically clear encapsulants with low moisture absorption and high glass transition temperatures.

When heated to solder reflow temperatures, moisture absorbed in the compound can vaporize – causing a rapid rise of pressure inside the packages. ...

SolEpoxy's epoxy powder coatings are the busbar insulation of choice for low voltage copper and aluminum busbar.

The epoxy coating provides excellent electrical insulation and high temperature performance. The continuous nature of the fusion-bonded coating allows for usage in outdoor busbar applications. This is a great advantage over ...

Solepoxy's epoxy powder coatings are the insulation of choice for medium voltage bus bar and switch gear.

Both copper and aluminum substrates can be coated with very good results. Fusion bonded epoxy eliminates air gaps, reducing corona issues and allowing for close spacing of conductors.

Dry coat epoxy powder is supplied in particle size ...

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