SolEpoxy coating powders provide electrical insulation and protection for a broad array of applications. Our coating powders are manufactured to strict standards for quality, environmental, health, and safety compliance. You can trust the SolEpoxy team and our products to meet the requirements for your most demanding applications.

Strengths: Arc Resistance, Dielectric Strength, Surface Appearance, Edge Coverage, Temperature Rating, & "Green" Flame Retardants

SolEpoxy continues to innovate thermoset epoxy formulations to achieve new standards of toughness, impact strength, and moisture resistance. Our molding compounds are an excellent choice for the most challenging environments where electrical devices are subject to corrosives, chemicals, heat and shock.

We have also developed "green" formulations with low thermoset temperatures and fast cure rates to lower the cost of molding.

Strengths: Moldability, Dielectric Strength, Temperature Stability, & "Green" Flame Retardants

"Opto" molding compounds provide durable clarity, high product yields, superior process characteristics and high reliability for applications including image sensors, photo detectors, infrared devices, and LED displays.

SolEpoxy optoelectronic encapsulants provide moisture resistance, thermal shock durability and excellent color stability even in outdoor applications and at elevated temperatures. Superior color stability through UV and thermal aging is the hallmark of SolEpoxy optoelectronic encapsulants.

Strengths:  Durable optical clarity, Heat stability, UV stability, & Moldability

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